Monday, October 15, 2012

0 Entryway Hooks

With fall already here and winter fast approaching, we needed to get our entryway in order, so there's a place to put all our winter gear.  The front hallway has slowly come together, with plants, a bench and our old dish hutch, but it needed a place for coats and such.  We finally picked out some hooks, and so as one of my nightly projects, I put them all up.

Here's what the hallway looked like before:

Sad, right?

We wanted some large hooks to complement the large space, and enough to be able to accommodate visitors as well.  I found these at the Home Depot, and picked up 10 of them.  

The walls in the hallway are a thick textured paneling, which are actually ideal for hanging hooks - no anchors or stud-finding necessary.  The lines, exactly 8" apart, were actually really helpful in centering all the hooks.  I just had to draw one level cross line, and then mark the 4" center point.  I then marked lines approximately where the holes would go, just so I could make sure I could center the hooks properly.  I then penciled through the screw holes to be sure I got the pilot holes correct.

With the pilot holes drilled, screwing them in was pretty simple, although I had to do them by hand - the screw holes were too close together to drill in without scratching the center of the hook.

It's always cathartic when something like this goes so well, and they're all centered, straight and level.  I picked up some wire/fabric baskets from Target for $5 each for the hutch, with space for hats, scarves, gloves, etc.  Can't really see them in the photo, but they're in there!

We are now searching for a boot mat to go under the coats - the ones we've seen so far are ugly, so the search continues.  Other than that, we're ready for winter!

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