Wednesday, May 8, 2013

0 Tread Heavily

I can't say that I've FINISHED the stairs yet, since there still aren't stringers, posts or railings, but man it feels good to be done with the treads.  I definitely picked the hardest, and probably most expensive, way to create these, but I must say they look great, and I'm sure not a lot of people have this in their house.

Like I covered in the last post, it's not the easiest process getting these done, clocking in at about an hour per stair, and at $80 per nosing, accuracy was VERY important.

The mistake I made in this project was not cutting stringers first.  Stringers, for those that don't know, go along the side of the stairs to hide the unsightly overlaps in the wood under the treads.  To fix that, I decided to go with another idea that I'm sure isn't in many homes, and cut my own custom stringers from plywood wainscoting.

Up close, it's not perfect. Mostly because there are a couple stairs that are not quite 90°, but they will be painted white, so a little caulk should cover any major errors.  I'll be applying some ply cap along the bottom of the angle, and I'll have to cut another for the upper stair section, but I like the results.  It also ties in with the wainscoting along the kitchen peninsula, seen below.

Those legs are also an unresolved issue for me.  I think since they'll be painted, I'll throw a couple Kreg screws in the sides, patch them up and call it good.  I'm still not convinced they're totally necessary, but I'm unsure of the sturdiness of it without them, and am too afraid to experiment!

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