Monday, June 24, 2013

0 Dresser Up In White

So far, Becky's had two baby showers, resulting in the craziest amount of stuff we could have ever imagined.  The generosity of our family and friends has been incredible, and we are so thankful for everyone's gifts and support.  There are still two showers to go (work peeps and a pool party with all our friends), and we already didn't have enough storage set up in the nursery to hold it all.  That is until my mother dropped off a dresser yesterday.  We'd been searching for the perfect dresser to use as a changing table, and I think this one fits the bill pretty well, especially since it was free on the side of the road.

I failed to take a before pic - you'd think I'd learn by now - I was groggy from being on the downslope of a cold and how hot it was outside, I just wanted to get to work.  So, use your imagination.  The dresser is a Bassett, which is a pretty nice furniture manufacturer, and the dresser wasn't too simple or too ornate.  The sides were a cheap veneer that was peeling off and made for a pretty rough painting process, but so long as no one looks that closely, it's not a big deal.  The fronts and top are solid wood from what I can tell, so that's good.

Once I cleaned it up a little, I started with a coat of Killz to prime it - because of the peeling sides and glazed top, it's easier to top coat when it's been prepped with a primer, and it doesn't take long for this extra step.  Maybe 10 minutes to coat and 20 minutes to dry.  I followed it up with two coats of Valspar paints we had laying around.  The cool thing about having painted every room in the house is that we have tons of leftovers to choose from.

I also took the handles off, which were a nice ornate brass with a pineapple on them, and spray painted with an enamel semi-gloss white.  The result was pretty awesome.

As much as I love the result, Becky's right in that the drawers really should match the rest of the room, so I think we're going to take it back apart and paint them yellow instead.  Maybe in a chevron pattern, which is all the rage now, but looks neat in a nursery I think.


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