Wednesday, July 17, 2013

0 The Cutting Room Floor

So way back when, I had these great photos of this beautiful extra garage where we play music.  All our equipment is in there, and over the fall/winter we spent a lot of time practicing Charles the Osprey songs, and I hosted a couple of cover bands I was in, doing Weezer's Blue Album and select Face to Face tracks.  It was a good time, but as the bedrooms upstairs started to finish up, and I bought more tools, all the materials had to start going somewhere, and that somewhere was the garage.  Despite the heat, I want to get the space back to where it once was, but better.

Here's what it looks like now:

I need to get all the stuff off that wall to the right to finish putting up the laminate boards, which are in a stack in the center there.  There's tons of cardboard stacked in front of the door to soak up water that comes in when it rains.  I think the cheap way to fix that is to miter a treated 2x4 so it acts like a ramp and epoxy it down in front of the door.  It's all concrete outside the garage, so the water problem isn't simply fixed by changing the landscape, I'd actually have to get someone to raise that concrete so it'd drain to the yard, and I can't imagine that's too cheap.  At least not cheaper than a 2x4!

Yesterday, I raised that wall cabinet on the right up to a reasonable height so that the miter saw table would fit under it.  I then stacked all the engineered hardwood planks behind the door - they will eventually be put down in the back hallway, but in the meantime I need a spot to store them.  I then reorganized all the paint cans from all the different painting jobs we've had.

Lastly, and this is a blurry photo, but it doesn't deserve a clear one really, is the workshop area.  I dragged over the two marble-topped desk pieces that used to be where the entertainment center is now to create some more counterspace in that area.  It also puts all the painting, spackling, drywalling, etc. supplies with all the rest of the workshop stuff.

I'm deadset on making sure this garage is dual purpose - storage for all the home improvement stuff as well as a space for us to play music - and I think I've got a good plan going here.  It's evolved over the last year, but I think my vision is paying off.  Blank canvases are a beautiful thing.


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