Tuesday, May 22, 2012


With the kitchen tear out complete, we were ready for our appliance delivery.  With this house being a foreclosure, it came with no appliances, so we went to Sears and ordered a washer, dryer, stove, fridge and dishwasher all in one Saturday.  I'd done the same with the Leonard house, and knew that if you bundled them together, especially in the spring, they give you a nice discount, plus zero interest financing for 6-12 months.  

Since the gas line in the kitchen (which was a little leaky anyway) was routed poorly through the bulkhead, and it didn't have a shutoff valve, they couldn't hook up the stove, but at least it was in and ready.

Below is just one of the many piles of drywall we created in the garage, since we hadn't yet received the dumpster from Green Valley Disposal.  The Scout was surrounded by old cabinets and broken drywall. 

Without a working stove, my first meal in the new house was a few Koegel Vienna dogs on our mini propane Coleman grill.  Delicious.

One thing we had nearly complete was the entryway, which was now border-free and primed for paint.

With the gas line needing to be moved, we called Blaine Kellermeier, who sent a truck out the next day to help us prep for drywalling the kitchen in by re-routing the gas line through the garage.  They also used a new flex hose which is easier to work with than the old solid black pipe.

Becky's dad supervised and helped hang the drywall, as I learned as I went how exactly to hang it and cut around outlets.  The hanging was surprisingly easy, just a little time consuming.  We made sure to keep the drywall up off the floor by about an inch, and "measure twice and cut once", although in one case that still didn't save me from cutting the outlet holes incorrectly.  Oh, and Bella helped. 

All hung and ready for mud & tape, which proved a little more difficult, but by the end, Becky was an expert at it.  We decided that since the cabinets and crown moulding would cover up that gap in the ceiling where the bulkhead used to be, we'd just leave that open and make it easier to route the electric for in-cabinet lighting.

And once again, we needed a break from the work to burn some stuff.  This time opting for the few downed trees that were in our back yard.


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