Tuesday, May 22, 2012

0 Project #1: Kitchen Removal

Because we didn't start this blog 2 weeks ago like we should have, there are going to be a few posts, like this one, which will not be as detailed and skip over a lot of detail.  Bear with us as we catch up!

With as large as our main floor is, it's stupid to have such a tiny, enclosed kitchen.  With hours of measuring, planning and designing, all using IKEA cabinetry, we had settled on our order.

The first order of business would be to rip the existing kitchen out.  All of it.  Cabinets, backsplash, sink, bulkhead (we hoped), and some floor tile.

Here we are, still hopeful that the bulkhead is the same all the way around, and could be removed.  Our kitchen design depended on it.  The dads helped tremendously in the tearout process, as the moms set themselves up with a 5-gallon bucket of Killz and covered every square inch of that awful yellow that plagued the walls & ceiling of the main floor.

Becky's mom also set herself up in the downstairs bath, tearing out the unnecessary shelving above the toilet, tearing out the border, and spackling and sanding for days trying to get the walls just right.

In the meantime, we discovered that on the right side of the kitchen, there was a waste pipe that ran through the bulkhead, making it impossible to remove without some serious plumbing, something we had not budgeted for.  Since the fridge fits, we just decided to change our kitchen design to fit the new measurements.

With some serious work under our belts, and much more ahead of us, we invited Josh & Krystal out for the inaugural fire to burn some of the boxes and wood we'd accumulated from unpacking & deconstruction.


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