Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1 Welcome to Rockford

With 2,700 Sq Ft of open space and 2.5 acres, our new space was a stark contrast from the compartmentalized floorplan and not-so-predictable nature of living on Leonard.  However, with an unfinished interior, and updates that we knew needed to be made immediately, it certainly was not going to be nearly as livable or comfortable as what we once knew as home.

Let's do a short tour of our blank canvas of a home:

Here's the entry way along the "front" of the house,

that leads to the open main floor,

and into an awful kitchen with an awful border (the border is a theme, this house being from 1985),

and this equally awful bathroom (we weren't lying about the borders),

We then move into the "living room" area,

which leads to the attached sunroom,

Thus completing the main floor.  Let's head upstairs to a more unfinished part of the house.

The open balcony area is really sweet, probably the only part of the house that doesn't need repair or renovation.

Heading into the first bedroom, with a bright magenta and laminate flooring,

and into an attached second room/office, 

and then around the corner to a third bedroom,

that's only half of the upstairs.  Across from the stairway is the biggest bathroom in the house,

again with the borders, and that BLUE, along with a toilet that sits 6 inches from a wall, making it virtually impossible to use.  Finally, we head to the master bedroom,

Essentially two connected rooms, taking up an entire side of the house - the same size as the three other bedrooms combined.  Giant windows overlook the neighbor's horse pen, though we've not seen a single horse yet.

To the left there is a walk-in closet that spans the back of the house. To the right is the master bath, which is tiny and doesn't deserve even a photo.

 With mostly unfinished floors on the upper level, and border removal and painting throughout the whole house, this is about to be our lives for the next few months or maybe years.  Wish us luck.


The Wolven House Project Copyright © 2012