Tuesday, May 22, 2012

0 Leaving Leonard Behind

On April 27, 2012, We (Derek & Becky Lancioni) bought our dream house in Rockford, MI.  Three days later we signed papers to be free of our old house on Leonard in downtown Grand Rapids, MI:

I can't say we won't miss it.  I purchased that house on the corner of Leonard & Union in June of 2003.  Through the years I had many friends & family live with me in the 1,600 sq ft, 3 br/2 bath home, and put a lot of love and care in the renovations I made to it.

Refinishing the floors & adding new windows,

choosing wall colors that complemented the open floor plan,

adding personal touches,

choosing furniture that best captured our personalities and tastes,

and ultimately making a comfortable home despite the busy street conditions and terrible neighbors.

We had some great times in that house, from the Cinco de Mayo party where Jake took a sword to a pinata, to the half a dozen bands that practiced in the basement, to the nights on the porch with a few friends just enjoying the craziness that meandered down the busy street.  And although we'll miss it, our next chapter is much quieter, more beautiful, and has amazing potential.

Join us as we attempt to renovate an entire house to make it our own!


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