Monday, June 11, 2012

2 The Practice Space

We play music.  It's what we do when we're not working a regular job, or at least it's what we used to do.  Becky hasn't played guitar or sang, at least in a formal capacity, in quite a while.  And although I'm in a band, the move has prevented me from having a decent space to set up a drum kit, and we have therefore not practiced in months.  So last night I got the bug to finally set up the one-stall garage as the practice space that I'd been planning.

It's a decent size space, definitely enough for a few musicians to feel comfortable, and I may actually have room for one of my other kits to be set up.  The best thing about the space is that it has a garage door on it, and is on the ground more hauling gear through the house and down into a dank basement.  I also discovered last night, while hanging the guitars, that the room is fully insulated, which means it'll stay cooler in the summer, especially with a berm on the left side of the garage.

The loft area is perfect for all the extra drums and stands I've acquired over the years.

Since I also set up the workshop area in the same area, some of the organization involved cleaning up this area.  I got a couple of locking file cabinets from a local office outfitter/wholesaler, one of which will be painted and put inside by the desk, and the other (more dented) one is being used under the workbench for miscellaneous tools & parts.  I also found out that the support beams for the loft were about 48" apart, the exact width of my shop light, so I added that along the wall above the extension cords, and am considering adding some shelving along that wall for some extra storage space.


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