Monday, June 11, 2012

0 Wood Countertops

A little belated, but last weekend we had out friend Jeremy over to cut the solid wood countertops.  Since I was trying to learn as we worked, I didn't take any in-process photos, but I did take some shots after the were attached:

The sink finally got into place - it hangs on the countertops, so we couldn't actually unbox it before.

Overall shot - our kitchen is huge!  So happy about it.  We'll be doing bead board under the counter right there, and wrap around to the left wall.  This is the breakfast bar area.

Shot from the end of the counter looking toward the stove.  I had to raise the stove up with the adjustable legs to put it above the counter edge.  This will prevent us from running into it accidentally with a hot pan or something. 

Front shot of the stove.  The space above will be a microwave and vent combo.

This is the space where the dishwasher goes - the pantry was still too high with the feet on it, so I had to unscrew the adjustable part and re-insert the fixed part of the leg to drop it low enough to fit under the bulkhead.

Next, we had to apply 3 coats of Waterlox tung oil to seal the counters in.  They require 24 hours between coats, so it was a few days of sucking in fumes, but they look awesome:

We also decided on our hardware and got most of that installed.  We decided to go with knobs on the glass doors to break it up a little bit, and I counted 2 less of the handles, so those have yet to be installed.

I went and picked out a faucet, which when trying to get that black/bronze brushed look, there's only a few choices, and even fewer for a single-hole sink, and none of them are cheap.  Luckily, the hookup was pretty easy, and within an hour I was able to hook it all up, drain and all.

Next up, adding the bead board, deciding on a backsplash, installing crown moulding and figuring out what to do with the floor (there are missing tiles where the peninsula used to be, and getting whole tiles up from other sections of the house is proving difficult).  The kitchen is nearly complete!

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