Monday, September 24, 2012

0 Crown Moulding DONE

I believe this project to have taken about 3 months.  Most of that was a couple hours of frustration, followed by days of avoiding the project and distracting myself with other projects, and then returning for more hours of frustration.  It was a cycle, but we finally completed it.

So much hindsight in this project.  First off, I should have measured better when hanging the cabinets in the first place, allowing for a bit more of a gap between the cabinets and the ceiling.  But, I made it work.  here's the story.

I started by measuring at different points along the cabinets, and realized that the ceiling had created about a 1/2" difference between the far left side and the far right side.  That's a HUGE gap.  On top of that, I couldn't find moulding to fit the distance exactly, it was either too short or too tall.  So my original plan was to get the moulding that was about an inch short and then use a board along the top to fill in the gap.  I worked on this for weeks.  Had a hard time with the miter cuts, with keeping the backing board in place, with the 1x2 fill pieces to stay flat and not bow, eventually deciding it'd be best to tear it all down and start over.

On all our projects, the best advice we've given each other is to support the idea of doing it again.  To not give up, but to not settle with "good enough".  When patching the ceiling, there was an obvious bump where we'd drywalled, and we almost left it, but decided to mud & sand once more.  I took that same approach to this project.  If it wasn't near-perfect, I would have noticed it every day.

Tearing it down was also cathartic - gave me new energy.  I went back to Lowe's and looked again for the right size.  I found one that was slightly too big, which would make my corners impossible, but with enough wood filler, I'd be fine.  Because it can't angle squarely to the ceiling, the corner would have to be rounded out.

On the inside corner, I had to do a little experimenting with angles - it's supposed to be 22.5 degrees each, to create the 45 degree angle, but it really ended up somewhere around 22.5 with a 31 degree match.  Probably, again, due to it not being square to the ceiling.

A little putty (more in the corners, obviously), sanding, and painting, and they look great.

Next up, refinishing an old door for the laundry room.  Stay tuned!


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