Wednesday, September 12, 2012

0 Decorating FINALLY

The lack of updating is not for lack of work on the house - we've been trucking away with drywall, crown moulding (UGH), painting and other projects, but none of them are really great for photoblogging.  When the main floor is done, we'll do a big "before/after" sort of thing.

In the meantime, I've been finding some ridiculous things on Craigslist, at garage sales and thrift stores, and have furnished a good portion of the main floor as a result.  Take a look:

The Orange Chair was $15 at a garage Sale.  Painted it black to match the rug, and it works great.  
The curtains were $25/panel at Lowe's.  
The old TV is from the old house, and was $3 at a garage sale. Yes, THREE not thirteen or thirty!

The two benches seen here were $30/piece at Goodwill on Alpine, and the plan is to recover them (hence the missing cushions on the left.

This is basically the same setup we had at the Leonard house, but we added some antiques for a little added effect - a phone from my Grandmother, some old "Advanced Arithmetic" books, and a metal globe bank from an antique store, all for pretty cheap.

We also finished drywalling under the stairs, so until we get the trim on the stairs and baseboards in, we put our desk back (from Momma Lancioni, Garage Sale, painted by Becky), and filing cabinet (purchased at an office surplus warehouse for $20 & painted blue & white by me).  We also need to frame in that map, but that's definitely the inspiration piece for the colors, which are a little blown out by the camera phone - sorry about that!

I also purchased an IKEA Poang lounge chair & ottoman for just $35, which is great, and 3 bar-height stools for about $50 total for all three.

More projects to come!  

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