Thursday, July 12, 2012

0 Slowed Progress

The thing about a whole-house renovation in the summer is that there are SO many other things going on, between our jobs, vacations, backyard bbqs, out-of-town friends visiting, and all the music stuff, our initial wave of progress has sort of stalled.  That's not to say we haven't been doing anything...

Becky's ongoing project has been the small pond/waterfall out back.  Once we cleaned out the pump, it worked fine for a while, despite it leaking water somewhere in the line between the pump and filtration system.  Then the algae set in, which we treated, and now the outlet near the pond has gone's been a pretty big hassle, but well worth it.

Once the countertops were done, we needed to support the peninsula with columns or legs, so on the recommendation of our friend Jeremy, we went online to VanDyke's and got a couple 36" legs, which once attached will either be painted white or stained to match the counters.

The other wood you see there is the bead board which has to be nailed in & glued to the walls & peninsula and then painted.  At that same time, we'll do the crown moulding for above the cabinets.

THEN we'll do the backsplash, which we've decided on penny round ceramic tile in a nice pale green, if we can find it anywhere, that is...

And finally, on the list for the immediate future, is the upstairs flooring.  We bought 42 cases of Tobacco Road Acacia solid wood flooring planks that need to be installed in the 1,100 sq. ft. second floor, along with the stairs and landing.  A project I'm looking forward to completing!

There's a million other things to be done, and as everyone has told us "it's never really done" - so we're just celebrating the small accomplishments for now, till the bigger ones are completed.


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