Thursday, September 27, 2012

0 Mini Door

Fixing the tiny door under the stairs!

This was supposed to be a quick project that ended up taking an entire evening, mostly due to my own obsession with getting things as close to perfect as can be.  I started by cutting and adding the trim pieces around the door - fairly easy - and filling in the nail holes and small gaps with wood putty.  I then took the door off the hinges, and the hinges off the frame.

Upon inspection, this door was just a hollow-core super lightweight door with thin veneer over the front & back.  From the previous owner, the veneer had chipped along the top (which they had tried to putty, but never sanded back down) and under the doorknob:

After about 3 applications, sanding between each, of the putty, I finally got it flat enough to not show up once painted.

I painted the frame in Valspar's "Statuesque" white, and the door itself in Valspar's "Tea Stain" - this combo is what is around the rest of the dining room, so it matches perfectly.  I also took the brass hinges out back and spray painted them in a white epoxy.

Since the new door in the kitchen doesn't have enough room to add a proper handle, I had the black/bronze handle from the old door, which fit here perfectly.

Looks much better than before.  To finish the stairs, the plan is to get boards (like the one seen in the upper left) to line the side of the stair and along the landing above the door.

This was a very simple, though time consuming (robably 5 hours total), project that took us steps closer to a finished look!

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