Wednesday, November 14, 2012

0 Symphony of Destruction

I've really never liked Megadeth, but whatever, it was the only music-related thing I could think of. I'm sure I'll think of a better one later and wonder why I didn't use it.  Gotta be a Dragonforce song that would help, or BOLT THROWER album title. And honestly, there really wasn't that much destruction.  Not compared to what we did originally in the kitchen.  Ah well.  Moving on.

This week started as destruction week in the house - I felt like doing something that didn't require great precision or measuring.  And one of the projects was required in order to keep moving forward with the flooring.

First up, the master closet had a stupid little doorway between an obviously finished half of it, and more of an attic space.  With this wall/door out of the way, we'd have a gigantic closet.  I was certain it was not weight-bearing, so I got to work on taking off the trim, knocking the drywall out and tearing out the beams.

Couldn't really get back far enough to show how big this space is, but essentially it went from an 8'x10' room to an 8'x23' room in a matter of a half hour.

Obviously with the angled ceiling its a little harder, but even the short wall you see on the left is about 5 1/2' tall, so there's plenty of headroom.  Next step for this will be getting some carpet in here, along with deciding how to lay out potential shelving and hanger space.  One thing we have to keep in mind is that we don't want to wall in those drain pipes, so I'll probably get shelving in that can be moved in case of repair.

Then last night, I had Billy & Beth over, married friends who will be looking for their first house soon, and want to learn as much as they can from what we're doing, with hands-on training.  They were hoping for some wood floor laying, but they got carpet / laminate removal instead.  They were troopers about it, even when pulling all the staples and tackstrip from the subfloor.

When we were done, all three of the bedrooms on the East side of the house were down to bare subfloor.  I only have shots of two of them, since the third now has all of my clothes as well as the spare bed and a bunch of other boxes.  Not a good shot.

Tonight, the plan is to finally prime these walls and get rid of the crazy magenta and bubble gum pink once and for all.

OH, and the chalkboard star.  Goodbye chalkboard star.


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