Monday, December 10, 2012

0 Winter is Here

We finally had the first real snow.  I woke up, facing the windows overlooking the pasture next door, and the view was stunning.  Whereas in the city they got just a dusting of snow, we got a nice base that won't melt for a few days, and it was great.

Anyway, catching up on a few quick projects, we finally got the walk-in closet put together.  Once I knocked the wall out, the resulting closet dimensions ended up being 9' wide by 23' long - pretty ridiculous really.  Because it was only carpeted to the point where the wall used to be, "my" side of the closet was just subfloor.  The eventual plan was to get some cheap carpet to throw in there.  Since it's a closet, and there's so many other projects to get done, it was a big back burner sort of thing.  However, my boss just bought a house, and the upstairs had fairly new carpet that they wanted to rip up and get down to the original hardwood floors, so I jumped on the chance.  I went over there (beautiful turn-of-the-last-century farmhouse), and helped pull out a couple of rooms, enough to cover what I needed.

Back at our house, I pulled out the old carpet, leaving the old padding and tack strips since it was still in decent shape.  I added padding that we pulled from one of the other bedrooms (that carpet was not salvageable and pretty ugly) and some new tack strip.  Again, because it's just a closet, I didn't bother renting carpet tools and stretching it properly or anything like that.  After watching videos on installing wall-to-wall carpet, I can honestly say it's harder than putting in hardwood floors - definitely worth having someone install it, or do the half-ass job that I did!

I was able to get the whole floor covered in two pieces, all tacked and fairly tight.  The seam is terrible, but I can work on that later - again, not a priority.  Much nicer to walk on than plywood, especially with these cold winter months starting.

Then, this past weekend, we installed wood in the next sequential bedroom, getting us down to just one more bedroom and a small bit of hallway.  Then it'll be onto the stairs, which is a whole other deal, and probably will be likened to the crown moulding in difficulty and frustration level.

It's holiday crunch time, and in the midst of my busy season at work.  Our first show starts in 4 weeks, at which time this blog will likely be fairly dark until April.

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