Thursday, January 3, 2013

0 When Nickel is More Precious Than Gold

I don't quite understand how people can choose to outfit their home in the cheapest hardware just to save a buck.  All the new interior doors are outfitted with these awful gold handles & hinges, I assume because they were the cheapest the previous owner could find.  The older doors were outfitted with a darker brass, which was standard for the 1980's, so they get a pass.

When we first moved in, I replaced all the exterior door handles & deadbolts with nickel Schlage hardware, which our dog promptly chewed on, trying to get out (she's got a little anxiety...just a little).  So to match that theme, with our Christmas gift cards (thanks family!) we went out and purchased all new nickel hardware to update the interior doors.  Most are not painted, so I'm waiting to hang them and put the knobs on until I can get them all painted.  Some, however, like the downstairs bathroom, were not, and I was able to complete in the same day.

Obviously there's a little touch up to do, but it looks a ton better.  Now, I will admit I skimped and bought Kwikset for all the interior, but they look just as good for nearly half the price.  I spring for Schlage on the exterior because for keyed entry it's a superior product, but Kwikset works just fine for bed, bath and closets.

I also finally picked up our desk from my parents' house (almost totally moved out of their bonus room!) which we've wanted to stain for years, and started on that.  I just finished the first coat and already it looks so much better.  We picked a dark walnut to match the bed, but I think maybe it's a bit too dark.  In any case, it'll look great when it's done, and with the floor being so many different colors, mixing woods should be totally fine.

One or two more coats and then see if I can get the garage up to 60 degrees to do a Polyurethane to seal it up and it'll be ready to use.

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