Monday, January 7, 2013

0 The Dishes Are Done, Man...

While I was busy printing banners this weekend, Becky and her parents were hard at work finishing the last bit of the hallway and the last room with wood flooring.  They did a marvelous job with little supervision, despite their slight nervousness going in.

The wall color will change, but we haven't decided to what yet.  With the blue carpet in here previously, this room was super drab and small.  The floor has completely opened it up and made it much brighter, more so than any other room upstairs so far.

I'll be working on edge pieces (where full boards wouldn't fit) with the new table saw we bought, and then onto baseboards.  I also got a free weight machine from my boss, which is disassembled in my car, that I'll need to get inside and reassembled once these rooms are a little more cleared out.

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