Tuesday, January 15, 2013

0 The Doors

The Doors were a terribly overrated band.  But that's for a different blog to argue.  When doing the floors, we systematically removed all the doors upstairs as we moved from room to room.  With all of them off, and after I removed all the awful gold hardware, it was time to get them all the same color.  First, I cut the necessary ones down along the bottom to account for the new floor height, then cleaned them all and put them in the back bedroom.  Since it's winter, I had to paint them inside, but since there wasn't a door on the room, I added some heavy duty plastic to the doorway to contain the vapors.

Why paint them?  Well, they're all "white", but seeing them next to each other proves that "white" is not always "white".

So there's white white, green white, cream white, gray white, etc.  I picked up some more "Statuesque" white that we've used throughout the house, to make all the doors the same.

Now, I suggest that if you have 5 doors to paint, that you don't do them all at the same time.  Mostly because by the time you get to the first coat of the fifth door, the first door is already dry, so it's just an endless cycle of painting.  Tonight was the second night of painting, and I'm finally done.  Tomorrow, once they've dried, I'll put them all up and add the new nickel hardware.

I also put up the french doors between the two spare rooms.  I used a circular saw and a straight edge & clamps to trim up the bottom of the doors, and a 1/4" drill bit to add a hole for the lock bolt.

I also pulled off the rest of the contact paper.  It was on all the glass originally, and Becky had started to pull it all off, but never finished.

When the room was magenta, these looked awful.  As I was removing them, I thought they didn't look so bad with the new color.  The colors were great, but the design is way too 60's trippy for our tastes. So good riddance.

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