Thursday, March 21, 2013

0 Show Season

I work for a consumer show company that works on 14+ shows a year, that all happen in the first quarter (when everyone is inside and not working on their yards), and that means this time of year the little time I do have I don't spend working on the house, unfortunately.  We put an offer in on the Wolven house during my last show last year, which is not the best time for me to be making life-changing decisions, but luckily it all worked out!

We just wrapped up our last show of the season, so that means it's time to get back to all the projects I've abandoned for three months.  That's not to say that Becky didn't do some awesome things in my absence.

The first great thing that Becky and her mom completed was the seats in the music room. I purchased these loveseats for $30 apiece at our Goodwill in town - solid hardwood, but crappy cushions.  With a 50% off coupon and two trips to Joann's, we ended up spending an additional $100 on fabric and foam and the result is pretty phenomenal.

I look forward to listening to records in this room someday, when these big projects are completed.

Next up, the nursery:

The nursery went from an okay green to a really bold gray.  When we first put it up on the walls, before it fully dried, it felt a little too dark and we wondered if we'd made a huge mistake.  However, once it was all completed, the trim painted and the sunlight streaming in, it was exactly as we'd imagined.  It'll be even better when we get all the furniture in the room.

The inspiration for the color was this light we found at the Home & Garden Show (working for the shows really gives you great ideas when you actually have time to walk the show!)  It's perfect for a kids room, and was only $40.

Because we had almost a full gallon extra of the gray, and were really tired of that yellow in the bathroom, I spent the week between shows painting that.  I started to paint the cabinet white, but Becky disagreed with that and changed it to a dark brown, which turned out great.  See my start below, and her fix.

So she also bought that great mirror, and we'll put two of them up on adjacent walls.  Next project is getting the mirrors up, moving a couple outlets, installing a new, more modern vanity light on the adjacent wall, ripping up and replacing the vinyl floor (cracked at the doorway) and possibly replacing the blue sink.  Eventually, this bathroom will be gutted and redone, but for now we just need to make it not so hideous.

I'm taking a week to wind down before I go full-boar again on our projects, but there are a lot of incomplete rooms to put the finishing touches on, mostly in flooring and baseboards. I look forward to getting complete before-and-after photos up for these rooms.


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