Monday, March 25, 2013

0 Salvage Saves the Day

Ever since we fit & refinished the door from the kitchen to the laundry room, I've been searching for a plate/knob/handle sort of thing to add to the door, but have had no luck.  Mostly because "searching" meant that it was just on the list every time I stopped into one of the big box stores for other things.  The problem with the door is that the average plate/handle combo is too wide for the space between the side of the door and the glass.  So now that show season is over, and with a little inspiration from Cari Cucksey, who we had as our headliner at the Home & Garden Show, I made my infrequent stop into Pitsch Salvage to take a look around.  If you're a Grand Rapidian and have never been to Pitsch, you're missing out.  They have a DOOR ROOM, in addition to the countless shelves of random home pieces salvaged from leveled/renovated buildings.  I recommend going in the spring when their outside yard is open as well, and be sure to bring a flashlight & tape measure.  A few of the inside rooms are not well lit, and there aren't measurements on most of the items.

After digging through the baskets of knobs & locks, hidden behind a pool table stood up on its end, I found the perfect combination.  I didn't need something that latches, since I'm planning on adding a hydraulic door closer to the door - our back room is not heated, so we have to keep it closed during the winter months.  This plate/knob combo is simply one long screw (a little too long, in fact, I had to hacksaw and file it down to fit the depth of the door) and the perfect width.

It's like it was meant for it.  I was going to paint it to match the hardware on the kitchen cabinets, but Becky liked the bronze look against the orange, so we left it as is.

I was on a roll this day, so I continued on by hanging the new mirror using heavy duty wire, two drywall anchors and screws.  We want to add another to the adjacent wall, but not until I can get the electrician to move some outlets, as well as move the light fixture to the other wall.

And lastly, I hauled the table saw upstairs to rip the remaining boards for the floor in the nursery and then add the baseboard moulding to finish off the room.  Becky spent the previous couple of days painting the door trim to all match.  We still have to paint the closet and add the trim in there, but it's really the first room that feels complete.

Becky also has to caulk all the baseboards (she's better at it than me), and I'll likely spend the rest of the week adding the rest of the baseboards to the other two rooms. 

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