Monday, October 28, 2013

0 Refinishing an Antique Table

Back in May, we purchased this awesome antique dining table from around 1920 for just $125.

For the past 5 months, it sat in our garage, waiting for its turn.  The top was scratched, the chairs were all worn down, and the seat cushions were a mess, but at $125, it was well worth the work to get it restored.  By July, I'd managed to sand the top, without the leaves.

And again, it sat.  Other things took precedence. Then, while I was working on the stairs this month, Becky had the urge to sand the chairs.  Because they were so worn, it was much easier getting down to the bare wood, which is great since there were 6 chairs and much more detail to hammer through.

Finally, with everything sanded and ready to go, Becky picked out a stain she though would match and got to work staining and polyurethaning it all.  Then she refinished the seats of the chairs with some designer fabric and a staple gun.  The result is incredible.

We put a couple of the leaves in just to see how it matched, and the color is nearly exact, but our version looks way better - the contrast of the grain is more prominent, which makes the table top look spectacular.  I don't look forward to sanding the leaves, but once we do, this will be the most grown-up looking thing we own, and it was only $125!

In other news, our old table is now for sale!  Make us an offer so we can get it out and put something else in its place!


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